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meet the team



Owners & Founders

Steve and Somong's story could be one right out of a movie. Steve grew up a half a mile from the Lavonia Crest property and Somong grew up half way around the world in Thailand and fate would bring them together. Steve enlisted in the US Army after high school and he was stationed in Thailand during the late 1970's. Somong worked at the same military base and it was love at first site. After dating for three years, Steve was eventually discharged and moved back to North Carolina. They were still in love and wrote letters to each other for a year before they were able to save enough money for Somong to move to the United States and eventually become a US citizen. They have three children, April, Veleda and Randy who all play a huge part in running the family business. For 20 years they farmed this land by growing tobacco and zucchini squash. The vision of Lavonia Crest wouldn't come for many years but in 2007 they were finally able to purchase the land and start developing. 



Venue Coordinator

Randy is the son of Steve and Somong and he coordinates all the weddings and events at Lavonia Crest. He will be your main point of contact when it comes to booking and planning  your event. Randy is a graduate of  East Tennessee State University with a bachelors degree in engineering and currently lives just across the mountain in Tennessee. 

Lavonia Crest has always been a very special place for Randy since he grew up helping his family in the design and construction of this property. Many close friends and family members get married here and he loves being able to assist in those events. For Randy, one of the biggest things he's proud of is remembering what this property used to look like as a child when it was a tobacco field verses what it is today; it can be inspiration for anybody.

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